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USPTA Professionals must be at least 18 years old, pass the on-court and written portions of the exam, and complete Stage 1 and 2 of Coach Youth Tennis. They should be able to organize and implement most tennis programs, assist with and develop competitive players, and assist with and/or direct pro shop management and facility maintenance. Depending on the person’s experience, a USPTA Professional’s job description may range from assistant pro to head tennis professional. USPTA Professionals are required to earn 6 credits every three years to maintain their membership.

Excel Tennis Mission Statement:

Overseeing the skill development of the next generation of tennis players in the Antelope Valley. Anytime. Anyplace.

With a team of instructors that were raised here, we’re pretty familiar with the struggle of having to drive across town to be dropped off for a tennis lesson--only to have to be picked up an hour later. That’s why we’re bringing our services to a park near you. We offer expedient availability to any and all who are looking to get a better grip on their game.

We’re different

With that being said, Excel Tennis prides itself on its uniqueness. We’ve masterminded a number of programs that are designed to accelerate our athletes’ progress.


Here's what we offer:


Any and all athletes that register with Excel Tennis are automatically sorted into our unique rating system. This system ranges from 1.0 - 10.0 and tracks the individual progress of each athlete. A brand new student to the game of tennis would start at a 1.0 and our most competitive top tier athlete would rank at a 10.0. As our athletes improve, so do their ratings. Ratings are updated on a weekly basis. There are milestones for each rating and once a student has attained a competitive milestone they may begin to participate in our year-round ladder. 

Year-Round Competitive Ladder Play

Once a student has reached an EPRS rating that qualifies them for competitive play, they are automatically placed into our year-round ladder in which they can schedule "challenge" matches to move up. Our top players in our ladders receive a high seeding for our flex tournaments, free merchandise from Excel Tennis,and sponsorship as well as free entry into our local tournaments. As our athletes are learning the way of the game, they are also actively competing to refine their skill set under pressure.

Quarterly Flex Tournament

So long as an Excel athlete is enrolled for the duration of a three-month calendar quarter, they may participate in our Quarterly Flex Tournament. Their seeding will be determined by their ladder position. Our flex tournament lasts the duration of three months to provide sufficient time to schedule match times and dates. This allows extreme flexibility in scheduling competitive sets while keeping locations close to home. Winners of our flex tournaments receive varying prizes ranging from free private lessons and free month-long classes to free Excel merchandise and gear.

As you can see, we're no stranger to variety. These systems were specifically created to develop our athletes into proficient, strong competitors. We put our efforts into targeting every component necessary to build the complete tennis player, and that means making sure we don't leave any stone unturned.

These amenities are all available immediately upon registration. EPRS ratings, ladder positions, and tournament brackets will all be actively updated on our website.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up at a location nearest to you and begin your journey with us!

Already a member? Head on over to our Excel Member Portal!

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